Meet The Team

There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes here at The Art File. Meet the people that are responsible for helping to put smiles on faces with beautiful cards, whatever the occasion.


We have 6 fabulous designers in our award-winning here consist of Lucie Cox (lead designer), Beth Kemp, Kerry Lister, Kate Mainard, Claire Mayes and Sam Porter (designers).

The team are responsible for creating beautiful and innovative designs, which can be found on a breadth of paper products, designed not only in-house for The Art File, but also designed exclusively for many external customers, both in the UK and internationally. 

From hand drawn and painted techniques to digitally created artwork, each designer was handpicked due to their unique style and talent, creating a broad variety of illustrative style which makes The Art File so unique and adaptable to any trend or brief.

(Pictured left to right: Kate Mainard, Kerry Lister, Lucie Cox, Beth Kemp, Sam Porter & Claire Mayes)


The Art File’s Production team consists of Alice Tillotson (Head of Product), Cheryl Wren (Project Manager), Raisa Jendriks-Whyatt (Print & Production Coordinator), Naomi Bryan (Design & Product Coordinator) & Gemma Bell (Stock Manger).  Together we are responsible for production, from concept through to creation of shelf-ready product.  

We collaborate with a network of local and worldwide specialist suppliers to manufacture greeting cards, gift wrappings, stationery & gifts. Daily, we negotiate cost, purchase print and components, coordinate supplier deliveries, proof and QC check, product set up and analyse sales and stock figures.  Throughout the year we develop new product, producing Everyday & Seasonal collections under the Art File brand alongside specialist Own Brand projects, creating tailored products for our clients. 

We work closely with our talented Design & Art-working department to prepare artwork as well as develop sustainable and recyclable packaging. Together we bring our products to life!

(Pictured left to right: Raisa Jendriks-Whyatt, Alice Tillotson, Gemma Bell, Naomi Bryan & Cheryl Wren)


The Art File’s Art working Team, consisting of Dino Capaldo (Senior
Artworker), Neil Essack (Senior Artworker), Naomi Bryan (Design/Production Coordinator), and Richard Spice (Consultant Artworker).

The team are responsible for transforming original artwork pieces from both our award-winning internal design team, as well as a host of licensed and independent external artists into workable digital art to be transferred skillfully onto greetings cards, social stationery, gift packaging, Christmas products and a host of bespoke product.

Alongside the above, the artworking team are responsible for creating, delivering and quality controlling The Art File’s trade brochures, as well as being an overall support system to the design team on both internal and bespoke client projects.

(Pictured left to right: Naomi Bryan, Neil Essack, Dino Capaldo & Richard Spice)

Customer Service

Our Operations and Customer Service Team is Martin Parks (Operations Manager), Jenny Sigsworth (Customer Service Manager), Kirstianne Wells (Administration Assistant) and Mica Dunbar (Customer Service Assistant).

Our customers, large or small, are our top priority in everything we do. We are continuously improving business operations, systems and processes to make it easy for customers to find and order the perfect product quickly and effortlessly.

We work closely with our third-party warehouse and fulfilment centre to ensure our customer service exceeds expectations, and things run smoothly. If they don't – we act quickly to put them right.

It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our small team that we have been nominated in the ‘Best Service to the Independent Retailer’ category at the greeting card industry awards for the last six years, winning the Bronze Award in 2022.

(Pictured left to right: Jenny Sigsworth, Martin Parks, Mica Dunbar & Kirstianne Wells)


Currently, the sole member of our Finance Department is our Financial Controller, Chris Wilson. With a keen eye on the numbers and a deep understanding of financial principles, Chris ensures the company’s financial health remains strong.

Chris handles various key functions within the business, including budgeting and forecasting to guide strategic decision-making, along with timely reporting to review company performance. He also has oversight of both accounts receivable and payables functions, so cash flow is monitored and managed for the business. Additionally, by collaborating closely with other departments, Finance helps evaluate investment opportunities and assist with growth and expansion plans, whilst also safeguarding the company’s financial interests and legal requirements. 

We are committed to transparency, accuracy and providing timely financial insights to all stakeholders, whilst also optimising financial performance and ensuring long-term sustainability. You can contact the Finance team here.



The Art File’s marketing team, managed by James Mace, consists of Annabel Easton (Marketing Coordinator) for Content and Strategy, Ryan McMenamin (Marketing Coordinator) for PPC & Digital Marketing, and Mica Dunbar (Marketing Assistant) for content creation. The marketing team are responsible for creating and delivering The Art File’s quarterly trade and member of the public facing marketing strategies.

Each marketing strategy/timeline focuses on new product launches, providing exemplary communication between the businesses customers and subscribers through email marketing, as well as ongoing PPC and digital marketing strategies, and all ongoing website management, including SEO, and Google Ads & Google Shopping.

The Department are also responsible for ongoing management of all social media accounts, external advertising, trade magazine adverts and editorial, and other external press.

(Pictured left to right: James Mace, Emily Cassidy, Mica Dunbar, Annabel Easton & Ryan McMenamin)