The Joy Of Sending Christmas Cards On Festive Friday

Written by: Annabel Easton



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Today is Festive Friday, an annual event where card lovers everywhere start to send their Christmas cards. Christmas cards bring much-loved joy to people everywhere over the festive season. Here we’re sharing more about this holiday event and why we’re taking part…

What is Festive Friday?

Festive Friday is an annual event held at the start of December. Every year, everyone in the greetings card industry, along with card lovers everywhere, celebrate this day by writing and sending out their Christmas cards. This event is hugely popular and a great reminder that Christmas cards bring joy to friends, family and loved ones over the holiday season.


Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year. It's estimated that around 8 Billion Christmas cards are sent in the UK, with the  average family sending or giving out 50 cards. Sending a card has become a staple holiday tradition and it's not difficult to see why. Christmas cards bring joy to the people who receive them and with the abundance of Charity Christmas cards around, they are also a great way to donate to charity.

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Where Did Festive Friday Come From?

Festive Friday was created by The Greetings Card Association (GCA) in 2012. The event was created to build upon the magic of Christmas and remind everyone about the importance of sending cards to loved ones.


This year the GCA have gone one step further with their #Cardmitment campaign, an initiative showing that the simple act of sending a card can have a hugely positive impact on individuals, communities and society.  #Cardmitment reminds us all that cards matter, they're a big part of preparing for Christmas, and they help to nurture independent businesses, local charities and our beloved Royal Mail. 


This year the you can send a Christmas card 2nd Class for just 75p, meaning that for the price of a coffee, you can send a card and connect with someone you really care about.


As the GCA states "The fact that someone has spent the time to make or choose a card, write it, and send it makes the person receiving it feel far more special and cared for than receiving instant texts, emails or other social media messages.'"


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Here's How You Can Take Part In Festive Friday

Here at The Art File we're celebrating the event today by sending out our Christmas cards on mass! At our Nottingham office we're giving everyone the chance to send out their Christmas cards free. We're taking time out so that we can all  write Christmas cards to our friends, family and loved ones and then send them off!


Festive Friday is a wonderful reminder of the importance of connecting with those we love, at the most magical time of the year.  If you want to take part in this festive event, why not start the holiday season by getting your Christmas cards written and sent out this weekend?


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