5 Ways A Notebook Can Change Your Life.

Written by: James Mace



Time to read 2 min

Whether you're using a notebook to write down your thoughts, as a diary or for work, notebooks can be hugely effective tools. If you're thinking of starting a new notebook, or looking for ways to be more organised, here are five ways notebooks can help you change your life.

Writing things down makes you remember

It’s been scientifically proven that writing things down can greatly improve the chances of, and indeed help you remember things. Writing things down utilizes more neurological and physical brain impulses, thus increasing brain activity whilst you are writing. Alongside this, having a physical list gives you a secure, grounded location for you to refer to your objectives and to do list.

Writing your objectives and goals down clearly can give you much more clarity.

Both working life and personal life can be very busy places, with many of us have several things to do at any one time… So forgetting things can be easier than we think. Writing all of your goals and objectives down chronologically will give you much more clarity on planning both your workday and your weekends, maximizing your output and efficiency as an individual. Plus, putting a big tick through each goal as you complete them is extremely satisfying!

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Notebookes are an amazing place to keep your ideas.

Those Eurika moments can come at any point during the course of our busy days… so having your handy notebook and a pen to hand to write them down in can be crucial to you developing and implementing that idea at a later date.

A notebook can be a great problem solver!

When it comes to brainstorming problems, there is nothing better than a blank sheet of paper. Whether it's in a bound notebook or a refill pad you might just throw away, thrashing out ideas in a meeting environment only works on paper.

Writing down your anxieties can help you let go.

Whether you’re dealing with stress from school, burnout from work, an illness, or anxiety, journaling can help in many ways, one of the most common ways is that It can reduce your anxiety. Journaling about your feelings is linked to decreased mental distress. Writing down your feelings about a difficult situation can help you understand it better. The act of putting an experience into words and structure allows you to form new perceptions about events.

A selection of Christmas charity card packs laid out on a snowy table.

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