Michael Cailloux

An explosion of colour and fun from French designer Michaël Cailloux.

Every now and then you come across a designer and think 'wow, we MUST work with this person.' This was the case with Michaël and the result is two unique collections of over 30 designs. Michaël has worked with some of the leading fashion houses in the world, and is well known for his incredibly exhilarating and unique design style.

The new Grand & Graceful collection comprises 8 designs and features graceful animals set against a star-studded galaxy. These beautifully fun cards are finished with debossed lines.

In the Fossile collection, each card is individually die-stamped using vibrant inks on a soft tactile cotton mixed board and finished with detailed debossed lines. These cards are further enhanced by a brightly coloured tip-in and the envelopes are a work of art in themselves.

In the Merveilleuse collection, the detail of each design, the subject matter, and the use of colour all combine to make these cards truly original. They are finished with special inks, embossed lines and some hot foiling. 

MV & GR Price: £2.85
FS Price: £3.50

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