Face Coverings

Stylish coverings for the face.

Due to the obvious increase in face coverings being worn day to day, The Art File wanted to make sure that we had a collection of stylish face coverings available to our customers. We naturally wanted the coverings to be comfortable to wear as well as being practical. We are absolutely delighted to now be able to offer a collection of 8 face covering designs featuring some of our most popular designs, such as Frank the sausage dog, the bestselling Bees and Bicycle gift wrap designs, and several others. The coverings are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, are washable up to 15 times, and have antibacterial properties. Please note that our face coverings do not have a filter in. Each covering is individually packed in a resealable bag with an attached eurohook. The bag will also be partly see-through so the design can be easily seen on the inside. The re-sealable bag means the face coverings can be kept safe and clean when not being used, instead of being placed in a pocket with other items such as keys and mobile phones.

The Call Me Frank and Bicycle designs are available in both medium and large, as these designs are unisex, and the rest of the face coverings are available in medium. 

This product is available now.  

| Cost: £8.50 | 

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