The true importance of sending greeting cards

19 March 2014

Everyone loves to receive a card, either through the post or by hand. In this crazy fast, faster, fastest instant world that we all live its worth reflecting that the greeting card is still considered by most as the truly effective way of telling someone you really care. What’s more this has now been proved scientifically. Dr Lynda Shaw is the leading authority on research in this area...

"Handwriting helps the brain to learn by improving fine motor skills and expression. It activates massive regions in the brain involved in thinking, language and working memory. It is intimate and reveals personality.

We express emotion when writing a greeting card, therefore this is quite an awesome mix.

Equally time is the most precious thing we have to give, so if we spend time choosing, writing and sending a card we are helping people feel valuable and worthwhile.

Who would have thought a greeting card could do so much."