The Importance Of Sending Cards

31 March 2020

This may be stating the obvious, but we love sending cards. Given who we are, that’s to be expected, but let us convince you too.

Firstly, sending a card can help to combat loneliness, which is a heart-breaking issue rife in today’s society. This already serious issue has grown even more over the past month, as the UK continue to social distance and self-isolate. Whilst we’re avoiding our loved ones for their and our physical health, the separation no doubt impacts on our mental health. Sure, we can send a text or an email to check up our friends and family, but sending a card means more than a WhatsApp - it’s a tangible way to express emotions such as love, gratitude, condolences, and more. Seeing a friend’s hand-written note in a carefully-picked card creates a powerful connection between the receiver and sender in a way that digital instant messages don't. At times like this, creating this connection between friends and family is more important than ever for our emotional well-being.

Sending a card is a way to show someone you’re thinking about them, or you wish them well, or you’re proud of them. It’s thought-provoking and meaningful; people spend time and emotional energy on choosing the perfect card for their loved ones, and we think that’s amazing. Receiving a card gives you a fuzzy feeling knowing you’re in someone’s thoughts – and that’s what it all comes down to. In times like these, adding some positivity into someone’s day and giving them something to smile about is more important than ever.

The tradition of sending greeting cards has been around for a very long time, and is a big part of British culture. Britons (and specifically Gen Z) send the most amount of cards per head than any other nation. Interestingly, greetings cards were banned at the beginning of WWII in order to conserve paper. This ban was soon lifted as the government decided that greetings cards were ‘considered essential to the war effort.’ Everyone agreed that cards significantly lifted the morale of both front-line fighters and the general public back at home. Whilst we appreciate our world today is totally different, the story touchingly highlights the importance to the British public of sending and receiving cards. Sure, times have changed and digital is taking over. But, though very different in nature, we are in a time of crisis too, and so perhaps we should take a leaf out of our predecessors books and keep up the nation’s morale with a simple yet effective act of sending a card.

So, we’re now all in agreement that receiving a card is fantastic. But don’t forget that sending a card also makes YOU feel good. Whilst you’re writing it, you’re thinking about your loved one and enjoying the creative process of picking out the perfect words. You get a kick out of knowing you’ve just delivered a smile. Writing a card rather than typing a text also boosts your brain power and memory capability, several studies have found. The act of writing something down does wonders for our mental capacity.

There are, of course, some understandable criticisms concerning the climate crisis - one of the defining issues of our time. But the greeting card industry are making waves to combat this concern. Did you know that almost all greetings cards made now are recyclable? Publishers are also taking huge steps to significantly reduce single-use plastic in their products. For example, all our new designs for 2020 are being produced ‘naked’ – that is, without the plastic bag cards usually come in – and soon, we’re hoping all of our collections will go the same way.

To make your card-sending wishes as easy and straight-froward as possible, The Art File have created a few benefits for our customers on our website. Firstly, we’ve set up a 20% discount across our entire range on our website. Secondly, we’ve launched The First Class File, a free postage service in which we’ll send AND post your card for you - all you have to do is buy one from our website. We’ve already had so many lovely requests come through and hope the service continues to be useful to our customers.

Remember: be kind, stay home, and stay safe.