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24 March 2020


At The Art file, we’re doing our best to find and focus on the positives. And whilst everyone is no doubt feeling more worried than usual - perhaps even scared - this global crisis has also brought out the best in many people. 

For example, community support groups are popping up all over the world, just because people want to look out for each other. See the full list of these groups here.

Lots of people have been writing to their neighbours to offer help and support if they can’t or don’t want to leave the house. It’s been a popular story over the past week, so if you haven't heard about the print-at-home-postcards yet, read on here. What’s even cuter than someone doing a good deed to help vulnerable people in a national crisis? A seven year old doing it with his pocket money! Read on to find out how this boy was moved to help others.

So communities and kids are looking out for one another. But over the past few weeks, we have seen huge firms working with the government and the general public to help vulnerable and elderly people out. Supermarkets such as Sainsbury's, Tesco and Iceland, have set up specific slots for elderly and vulnerable people, and NHS key workers, to shop for food, so that they don't run out of supplies and don’t have to come into contact with the crowds. Seeing the human side of big corporations is comforting in times like these. One supermarket has gone a step further, creating food boxes for people who can't leave the house and can’t get a food delivery slot due to increased demand.

People’s favourite weekly activities have had to stop, which is gutting for lots of people. But, as always, fun finds a way! This choir leader has set up a virtual choir, which he’s named ‘The Sofa Singers’, who continue to spread joy through the power of song. Read on to find out how he managed to get a 500-strong online choir going! 

This Italian grandmother has been hosting virtual pasta-making classes online! There are also loads of recipes popping up to help people with essentials, such as easy bread recipes. It’s great to see small businesses getting creative. This bakerydecided to get topical with their cake, and replaced the messages on their cakes from ‘Happy Birthday’ to ‘I Love You’, and even ‘Wash Your Hands’. Read the full article to see some more hilarious cake slogans!

Some of us use humour to muddle through difficult situations. This couple had planned a luxury cruise to celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary which was understandably cancelled, so they came up with a clever alternative...

Anyone with pets knows that animals can be hilarious. This artist has taken it to a new level, and in order to make people laugh and cheer people up, has been doodling on clips of animals. This one is our favourite. Check out his whole channel for more! Speaking of pets, if you’re worried about what will happen to your fur babies if you get ill, some pet hotels have said they can help for free! And for those of us adjusting to life working from home, with all its challenges, the main benefit is to our lovely pets who are LOVING life having us around 24/7! Animals don’t have to look silly to make us smile, though. Zoos across the world are live-streaming their animal enclosures to ensure people can continue to be entertained by their favourite creatures. Other tourist attractions are also offering virtual tours, such as The British Museum, so no one has to miss out! 

Check out the zoo live-streams here:
San Diego zoo live cams
Edinburgh zoo live cams
Various animal cams

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