The Art File - Top Drawer 2020

4 December 2019

We have been extremely busy over the past few months, with our award-winning in-house design team producing some beautiful new collections as well as collaborating with our fantastic external artists. We’ll be launching 316 new products across 8 brand new ranges and 5 exciting range extensions, as well as 4 new gift wrap collections. Here’s a snapshot of just some of the new collections we’re launching at our upcoming shows. 
Our exceptional in-house design team have created an impressive, eye-catching collection of birthday and occasion cards for men that we have aptly named Vertigo due to the fact that a vertigo sensation is created by the clever designs. Not only this, but we have successfully injected humour into the range – these aspects coupled with embossed and textured foiling and luxury Calisto board really make the collection stand out.

Secondly, The Art File is thrilled to introduce our collaboration with the popular external artist Kate Heiss, called Nature Trail. This collection is inspired by the beautiful natural landscapes of East Anglia and combine Kate’s love of florals, bold colours and geometric patterns. The heavy debossing and bright colours accentuate the designs beautifully, which have been created by linocut printing. The paper is fondly sourced from the James Cropper paper mill in Cumbria, one of the oldest paper mills in the country, and only vegetable inks are used in the production process. This collection has a universal appeal, and we’re sure it will look fantastic in garden centres and farm shops alike.

We’re delighted to reveal our remarkably forward-thinking collection named Sakura Heights. Inspired by Japanism, a growing trend for next year, the collection features cranes, koi, bamboo, and of course the cherry blossom tree that the collection is named after. The cherry blossom, or Sakura, is a highly respected symbol in Japan. With beautifully bright, fresh colour combinations set against a white border, intricate embossing, and a red envelope to perfectly frame the collection, this design really makes an impact.

Tranquillity features the calm-inducing combination of mustard, pale pinks and blues, and deep purple. The artwork is hand painted, and flashes of gold foiling add a sparkle to this gorgeous collection. Key words such as majestic, serene, and divine create empowering and positive phrases, simulating the mindfulness and mental wellbeing trend that is currently taking off and which we predict will be extremely popular next year. Both Tranquillity and Sakura Heights are designed with a female audience in mind.

Additionally, The Art File are proud to deliver their environmental strategy for 2020 and beyond. All 10 of The Art File’s new Everyday card collections will be unwrapped (or nested) as standard from their January 2020 launch.  All range extensions to continuing Everyday collections will be launched wrapped - this is to fall in line aesthetically with the rest of the collection, keeping our customers needs in mind. These collections will, over time, gradually transition into the entire collection being supplied unwrapped (or nested) as standard. All of The Art File’s new Everyday greeting card launches will also be available clasped (a specially designed easy-peel branded clasp that keeps the card and envelope neatly together), or cello wrapped. All they ask is for an extra few working days lead time if the stock is required clasped or wrapped. The choice is yours!

We very much look forward to saying hello to you at the show. As always, if you have any questions about our upcoming shows, new product, or anything else, please send an email to and we'll be happy to help. To keep up to date via our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), just search for The Art File!