Statement- Use of Plastic Cello Bags.

31 May 2019

The following statement from The Art File will outline our current views on the use of single use cello bags on our Greeting cards, as well as outline our goals and ambitions on this subject going forward into 2020 and beyond. 


Eliminating excess packaging is the responsibility of every business globally and at The Art File we are constantly researching how best to achieve this. The view within the market has changed very recently and some retailers have already implemented a ‘go naked’ strategy, the term used by the industry to describe unwrapped cards. Our belief is that other retailers will adopt similar strategies on unwrapped cards over the coming months and that by the end of 2020, most greeting cards will be offered unwrapped.

Our industry leads the world in greeting card design and creativity and our brand has been built on producing beautiful greeting cards using an array of different finishes and sophisticated uncoated and lick coated boards. Consumers love buying greeting cards that offer alternatives to ordinary flat printed cards covered in an overall UV varnish.

Our Position

Continuing to offer a variety of finishes and materials on our greeting cards is important from a creative stance as well as offering a significant point of difference to our customers. Using boards with a high cotton content for instance offers a luxurious finish and makes for a very special greeting card. However, it is important to protect such a card in packaging to keep the card clean and in pristine condition.  In our mind, it is about striking the right balance between excessive packaging and essential packaging.

Our Plan going forward

From the start of 2020, all new Art File cards will be sold unwrapped, with certain exceptions. These exceptions will include those collections printed on uncoated boards and those cards which have added finishes such as gems. These collections will be available ‘topless’ – that’s our term for an open topped cello bag.  Two of our new everyday collections, Emily Brooks & Snap to Grid will be available unwrapped immediately, from their Launch at PG Live (4/5th June, Stand 200) to customers.
 Our unwrapped cards will carry an easy peel seal on the side of the card to secure the envelope and protect the card and envelope from creasing or becoming separated from each other.  

It is important to embrace these changes as much as possible and work together on the environmental challenges that face us as an industry. We do want to support our customers as much as possible and understand that some will need their Art File stock to be wrapped for the time being, we will be able to fulfil these requirements.

The Art File will continue to issue updates on this matter in due course, and as developments continue to unfold.