Spring Seasons & The Environment

25 July 2018

Here at The Art File we believe important events in the greeting card calendar should be fully embraced by publishers to give retailers the best opportunity to maximise their sales. That’s why we are launching over 150 brand new Spring Seasons designs for 2019- our most comprehensive launch to date. Notably for 2019, we are proud to announce the introduction of St Patrick’s Day and Academic cards.

 We all share responsibility for the environment and at The Art File we take steps to ensure that all our product is produced on FSC  sustainable materials. Furthermore we would like to make the announcement that for Spring Seasons 2019, the collection will be available as either wrapped or unwrapped stock. If you chose to go unwrapped for spring, we will deduct 4p from the cost price per card.


All of our products can be ordered through your Art File sales agent, via our online trade website or directly with our office.
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