Single Use Plastic- The Art File's Strategy for 2020

20 November 2019

For the past 6 months, The Art File has been conducting a series of research, development and testing of unwrapped (or naked) greeting cards, one of the most significant and important challenges the industry has to face. Through working closely with customers, understanding their concerns and issues in regard to both the durability and merchandising of the supply and selling of plastic free cards, combined with identifying the key advantages of making the transition to them from both an environmental and marketing point of view.

The Art File successfully launched their first two ‘naked’ greeting card collections (Emily Brooks and Snap to Grid by Heather Flynn) at PG Live back in June, these collections being on the market in a range of retailers large and small across the UK has given us the vital research and feedback they require in order for them to deliver an environmental strategy that not only significantly reduces their use of single use plastic, but still gives retailers the ultimate final decision when it comes to how they want to receive their stock, as one of the fundamental pieces of information obtained from research identified that some retailers face more barriers than others when it comes to this transition.  The Art File want to do everything they can to help you through this ethical journey. 

The Emily Brooks Collection- The Art File's first unwrapped collection

Therefore, The Art File are proud to deliver their environmental strategy for 2020 and beyond. All 10 of The Art File’s new Everyday greeting card collections will be unwrapped (or nested) as standard from their January 2020 launch.  All range extensions to current and continuing Everyday collections will be launched wrapped; to fall inline aesthetically with the rest of the current wrapped collection. These collections will, over time, gradually transition into the entire collection being supplied unwrapped (or nested) as standard. 

However, due to the reasonings outlined in the above introduction, all of The Art File’s new Everyday greeting card launches will also be available clasped (a specially designed easy peel branded clasp that keeps the card and envelope neatly together), or cello wrapped. All they ask is for an extra few working days lead time if the stock is required clasped or wrapped. 

Furthermore, The Art File has not only focused its efforts on the application of single use plastic on their everyday greeting cards, they’ve also began to systematically reduce the use of it (as well as excessive packaging) in their 2020 Christmas collection, being officially launched at Spring Fair next year. 
The Art File Will continue to work closely with its suppliers and customers to further develop their environmental strategy going into 2020 and beyond, as well as increasing the support and service to their customers through this positive challenge that faces our industry, and our planet.

As always, if you have any questions about our upcoming shows, new product, or anything else - please do send an email to , and one of our team members will be happy to help 

Sakura Heights- One of the Art Files Brand new Everyday 2020 Releases