Q & A with Zakera Kali - Peace & Blessings

20 August 2018

The Art File are absolutely delighted to have signed  Zakera Kali, Design Director and the the multi award winning brand Peace & Blessings. Zakera won Gift of the Year 2018 with her fresh approach to designing cards for the Cultural Festivals and we were delighted when she decided to work exclusively with The Art File for greeting cards. Until now the market has been dominated by more traditionally designed cards and we feel there is a real appetite for more stylish cards that appeal to a younger more progressive audience.    To begin with we are launching a collection of cards covering Chinese New Year, Passover, Eid, Diwali, Vaisakhi and Hanukkah at Autumn Fair and these will be followed by other key Cultural Festivals throughout the year. Ged mace, Managing Director of The Art File had this to say about this exciting news, we have been searching for the right contemporary style for Key Cultural Festival cards for some time. We are thrilled therefore to be working with Zakera Kali, the talented designer and founder of the multi award winning designs from Peace & Blessings’. 


1.What was the main pull factor for you getting into the creative environment?

 It’s very simple, I love beautiful things and I love the possibility of creating something beautiful. I also believe that design can help solve complex problems.

 2.What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy the research aspect, exploring new ideas, getting inspiration and then working with a multi-disciplinary team to make our concept come to life.  Meeting new people is also great fun especially if they are passionate about  stationery as much as we are.

3.Where do your major inspirations come from, and why?

From all over the world – during my first degree, I studied at The School of Oriental & African studies, had access to an extensive library and spent my lunches next door at the British Museum. So I guess I’ve always been inspired by the heritage and cultural artefacts from around the world, their craftsmanship and use of natural materials.

4.In terms of Greetings Cards, what occasion do you find yourself buying the most cards for?

Option 1: Culturally, I have many occasions to buy cards for; Hajj, weddings (yes quite a few in a year!), engagements, births, graduations and that's why I created my own collection of cards that can be used for all those occasions (with Love & Duas or Mubarak).

5.What’s your favourite part about working with The Art File?

Definitely working with the team, I feel that they understand my vision and are as passionate to maintain the ethos of the brand. They are a lovely bunch and I love that we all share the same attention to detail or excitement about colours, foil, paper etc.

6. If you could choose to go to one country on an all-expenses paid trip, where would it be, who would you take, and why?

It would have to be a road trip around East Africa (where I was born!) I would take my family, my team and close friends. Africa has an incredible charm, amazing wildlife and a real sense of calm and I would like to share it with as many people as I can.

7.You’re walking down the street, and find a £50 note on the floor. What would you spend it on?

A lovely Italian lunch with a friend.

8.You’ve been told you’ve got to move to a desert island for a year, food and water is provided, but nothing else. And you only have space for three things... what would they be?

Endless supply of pens & notebooks
A comfortable bed
Prayer mat

9.Can you recommend any TV series you’ve been watching lately?

 I don't watch much TV apart from my daily dose of Neighbours – however my husband is watching The 100 on Netflix and bought the latest series so I presume that it must be good.