Q & A with Hugo and Leo Bennett

22 June 2018

It gives us great pleasure to introduce brothers Hugo and Leo Bennett, the talented pair behind the brand new Lion collection, which was launched at PG Live recently. The humour collection of 16 designs is unique, contemporary, and most importantly makes you laugh! We did a Q & A with the brothers to see how they tick. 

What was the main pull factor for you getting into the creative environment

Physically, we’re best suited to being kept indoors and on our own for long periods. So we were either going to work security or be artists. And the security company never called us back.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

 The commute’s pretty good. And collaborating’s more fun when your mum’s on hand to referee the disagreements

Where do your major inspirations come from, and why?

We’re big fans of animals, and even bigger fans when they do weird stuff. And you bypass a lot of legal ramifications if they’re illustrated.

In terms of Greetings Cards, what occasion do you find yourself buying the most cards for? e.g. weddings, new job.

 Birthdays. There are just always so many birthdays.

What’s your favourite part about working with The Art File?

 They’ve been great to work with right from the get-go. It’s been more like working with creative partners really, which has been brilliant.

 H: And the generous signing on fee.

 L: What’s that?

 H: Oh nothing. What’s the next question?

 L: Hang on, what signing on fee?

 H: Next question please…

If you could choose to go to one country on an all-expenses paid trip, where would it be, who would you take, and why

If we an sort this quickly enough, can we head to Russia for the World Cup Final? And obviously we’d take Gazza, because, well… you know, Gazza.

You’re walking down the street, and find a £50 note on the floor. What would you spend it on?

 H: Maybe trying to get a panda to wear a snorkel. 

 L: Or tattoo a horse?

 H: Chameleon in a ball pool might be fun.

 L: All of the above. Actually, can we have more money?

You’ve been told you’ve got to move to a desert island for a year, food and water is provided, but nothing else. And you only have space for three things... what would they be?

 H: Electric fencing to partition the island would be a must.

 L: I want Ray Mears.

 H: Alright, I get Bear Grylls then. But if you’re reading this Bear, I’m not drinking my own wee.

Can you recommend any TV series you’ve been watching lately?

 Atlanta’s pretty good. And, of course, The Handmaid’s Tale for it’s gentle humour and easy-to-watch narrative.   

Lion is available to buy here: https://www.theartfile.com/shop/greeting-cards/lion
And the collection will next be on show at the upcoming Harrogate Home and Gift show, on stand DP1-C15 from 15-18th July.