PG Live 2018 Preview

10 May 2018

This year’s 10th installment of PG Live, based in the unique and historic Islington Design centre London promises to be an exciting one for The Art File.
We plan to launch a number of new everyday designs at this year’s PG Live show.Firstly  A stunning new collection called ‘London's Calling’ by talented in-house designer Kerry Lister.  As the name suggests, these cards feature iconic London landmarks together with the Capitals most endearing birds, pigeons and doves. Released in time for the upcoming tourist season these cards come with fabulously patriotic Union Jack envelopes, embossed lines and hot foils. We even have a marrying couple standing in front of an enchanting castle! I wonder where we got that idea from. London Calling will be launched at the show for the very first time, and is sure to turn even the most discerning of heads, both inside and outside the capital. 

Secondly- we welcome a much anticipated range extension from Michael Callioux, several brand new designs are due to be released into the already very popular collection. Ged Mace, Managing Director had this to say about the extension, 'Every now and then you come across a designer and think, we have to work with this person. This was of course the case with Michael and the result has been fantastic.' He added, 'The detail of each design, the subject matter and the use of colour all combine to make these designs truly unique and inspiring, a must see at the show!'
The new aditions will bring the range up to 25 unique blank designs. 

Alongside these new additons to our award winning portfolio's , The Art File's Christmas 2018 will be on display at the show. With over 70% of the collection being brand new, the collection has been very warmly received by customers so far, and having them on display at the show will be a great opportunity to discuss your festive requirements for the coming year. 

We very much look forward to saying hello to you at the show this year. As always, if you have any questions about our upcoming shows, new product , or anything else - please do send an email to And we'll be happy to help. 
And do keep up to date via our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- just search for The Art File!

We can't wait to see you .