National Thinking of You week 2015

23 September 2015

The Greeting Card Associations GCA’s campaign to create a wave of love, caring and happiness through encouraging people to send a card a day during the week of September 21-27 - is off to a cracking start, with awareness set to soar in what is only the second year of the event. Retailers, publishers, crafters, suppliers, schools, charities and individuals, are all organising events and activities to promote the Week and help create the feel-good wave of love throughout the country for the week.

National Thinking of You Week 2015

This week, The Art File went down to the children’s wards at The Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham to deliver lots of cards for the Children, Nurses and Doctors- so they can all write a card to their friends, family and loved ones on this very special week. The cards will be displayed on a table next to the main entrance of the ward which will also encourage visitors to write cards for the patients they’ll be visiting- hopefully delivering smiles in a place where smiles are needed the most… We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jane Brookes, the ward sister in the children’s area for getting behind the idea and welcoming the gift with such enthusiasm and positivity. We’ll be sure to keep on supplying the Children’s ward with cards for the years to come if they ever need them.

Staff on Children's ward D33 at the QMC- Nottingham

Alongside this, team Art File have been busy writing surprise cards to their friends, family, and loved ones throughout the office this week; as well as Behind The Red Door, the gift shop below The Art File offices promoting the event throughout the week. Doing something as simple as writing a card to someone can really make a difference, so get involved today and put a smile on someone’s face.

To get involved or find out more, visit the GCA website here and download the toolkit: