LICENSOR SPOTLIGHT: Heather Flynn | Snap To Grid

21 October 2020


Snap To Grid is our popular humour collection from multi-award winning designer, Heather Flynn. The collection effortlessly delivers clean cut, original humour that's bound to make you smile! We have recently launched some brand new Snap To Grid designs with particularly relevant (but ever tasteful) messaging, such as ‘Let’s be honest, limited daily exercise was a restriction neither of us wanted lifted’ along with some more widely applicable funny phrases too.


Always enthusiastic to share the stories behind our wonderful products, we asked Heather to share a little more about how she developed her newest designs. She said she ”began working on a refresh for Snap to Grid late 2019, but downed tools over Christmas. By the time I picked them up again in March… wow had the world shifted. So much of what I’d written went into the bin. Like a lot of families, I spent lockdown juggling childcare and work. Having young boys, it presented both a chance to spend a huge amount of time with them, for which I was actually very grateful, but it also rather held up a mirror to my own shortcomings as a full-on-full-time parent. Not gonna lie, I wrote a lot of these cards in the car! Yep, my car-office became a surprisingly useful escape as the only child free area during lockdown and a sort of pod of relative sanity, peace and calm. I think we all had some kind of moment of the bizarre like this, or felt a growing sense of connection to others also navigating the home life challenges of the time (say hello home-schooling) and it’s these and other frustrations that I began to write around for some new topical designs.” We love the idea of these masterpieces being created not in a serene studio, but in the driver's seat during a short moment of calm in-between hectic family lockdown life!

The Art File are thrilled that Snap To Grid has been nominated for a Henries Award this year, in the category for Best Contemporary Trend Range. This achievement is particularly exciting for us as The Art File has never had a nomination in this category before. Upon hearing this, Heather said “I’m totally delighted to see the range nominated in The Henries this year. I used to work in the same building as the PG gang and am more than familiar with the huge volume of entries they receive every year. To be ranked among your peers and picked out by the best in the biz is of course a total treat. Roll on December!”

We couldn’t be more proud! Heather went on to say “The new designs also cover regular open and birthday sends too, so proud as I am of the awards nod, I’m just as delighted to have finally succeeded in publishing cards about both grey pubes and cheesy beans. Basically, I can now retire happy.”

With regards to quality and finishing touches, the Snap To Grid collection encompasses nicely embossed words, tasteful foiling, and individually designed envelopes which results in a really impressive overall look. Snap To Grid is a commercially proven collection, and is designed to turn heads. A hand-picked selection of Snap To Grid can be found on our online shop, and trade customers can browse the comprehensive collection by logging in or signing up for a trade account.

As always, if you have any questions about our new products, or anything else, please send an email to and we’ll be happy to help. To keep up to date via our social media platforms through these links - FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn – or just search ‘The Art File’!