Josie Shenoy Q & A

29 January 2018

Introducing Josie Shenoy, the illustrator behind two of our brand new Everyday Greeting card collections, Kaleidoscope and Animal Kingdom. We had a chat with Josie last week and asked her some questions about how she got into Illustration, her inspirations, and some fun questions also! Josie will also be taking over our Instagram today, giving you valuable insight into the day in the life of a London based Illustrator. Josie's collections are also available on our website: 

1.Josie, what were the main reasons for you wanting to get into Greeting card publishing?

 It took a little while to realise that I had a passion for not only drawing but also for design. I’ve always loved illustrating but after graduating I found myself falling in love with designing greeting cards and products, as it was the perfect mix of art and design.
I love the idea of applying my illustrations onto something people will use, and who doesn’t love to receive a hand-written letter or card? 

2. Kaleidoscope & Animal Kingdom- what would you say are the three main selling points of this fantastic collection, and why do you think it has been such a success ?

 I think that both collections reflect my illustration style and the fact that I’m endlessly inspired by nature, pattern, travel and a love of storytelling. The Art File have been amazing in that they have been committed in featuring not only my illustrations but my passion for special finishes such as foiled frameworks of florals, golds and special touches of holographic textures.

Finally, I think the decorative nature of these collections means they can be used for most occasions, and also be sold in a broad scope of large retailers, smaller independent shops and museums and galleries.

3. Which is your favourite trade show to visit and why? 

 I love visiting Top Drawer, as I know so many talented designers and makers who exhibit there, and the stands are always so beautiful. It’s also only 20 minutes from my home in Balham!

4. What's your favourite part of working with The Art File?

 Alongside being such a friendly and fun team, I’m so delighted that at the heart of The Art File is a focus on details and quality, using the finest materials and latest printing techniques. Not only this, the team is so well organised, timely and helpful, which makes working together really enjoyable.

6. Other than Greeting Cards, what other interests do you have in your life?

 When I’m not working I love watching documentaries and films, going to art galleries and seeing my friends and family. I absolutely love living in London, and also travelling to other cities. I fell in love with New York City when I visited for the first time last year – such an inspiring place, and so much to see and do.

7. Food and water are provided... you have three things to take with you to a desert island. Where you must stay for a month.  What would they be

I love listening to desert island discs so this is a great question! I think I would take a good book, comfy bed and record player with a good bunch of records to listen to (not sure if that’s allowed!)

8. You have two free first class return plane tickets to anywhere in the world, where would you go? And why?

 Japan! It’s been on my list for such a long time, and I think it would be a very inspiring place to visit.  It has such an incredible illustration and design community, architecture, gardens and it seems like a place where ancient traditions intertwine with modern life in a really beautiful way.

9. You have a voucher to an all expenses paid free three course meal at any restaurant of your choice, which would it be and why? 

 I’m going to say Lamberts, which is on my doorstep in Balham. It’s not flashy but that’s the best kind of food. The food is incredible, seasonal and probably the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten (apart from my Dad’s cooking!)

10. You've found a £50 note on the floor, what do you do with it? 

 Treat my friends and family to a feast at our home… of course!

11. Finally- What would your advise be to anyone who's thinking of starting in the Greeting Card business?

Make sure you are supported. There are many free resources to help you when you are starting out. Join the Princes Trust if you are eligible. I still have a Trust mentor, who I meet for advice - she is wonderful. Check out the Design Trust website - they offer loads of free workshops, advice and opportunities. Join the Association of Illustrators - they offer invaluable advice on pricing and contracts.

If you have just graduated, enter as many competitions as you can. This will give you motivation to make beautiful new work, fill up your website/portfolio and hopefully open doors for you.


Thank you for your valued insight Josie!