Jack Carter - Pocket Typewriter Q & A

5 April 2017

1.  What was the main pull factor for you getting into the creative environment?
My main pull for getting into the creative environment was the fact that I get to be creative. Although I was confident socially I was never academically confident apart from in art classes, so it seemed fit that my Job would be in this kind of industry.

2. What do you enjoy most about your work?
Mainly designing, but I also enjoy meeting customers at trade shows and seeing the impact my designs have in their shops.

3. Where do your major inspirations come from, and why?
My inspiration can come from anywhere now, say if I see something in a magazine even if it’s say an image of a great tiled floor I look at and think how could I make that into a great card, but my first inspiration was looking at all the great Quentin Blake illustration in the Roald Dahl’s books and also artist like Paul Klee.

4.Are there any particular materials you like working with the most? And Why.
I mainly use fine liners for all my illustrations, and I love it how you can make it come alive on a Mac.
My favourite things to draw are animals because I like trying to capture the personality but in a quirky way.

6.In terms of Greetings Cards, what occasion do you find yourself buying the most cards for? e.g. weddings, new job.
I mainly buy Birthday cards but I do enjoy buying new home cards.

7. What’s your biggest achievement so far?
My Biggest achievement so far is having my designs being sold all over the world. It’s a great feeling to know that something I have created is being bought by all different kinds of people.

8. If you could choose to go to one country on an all-expenses paid trip, where would it be, who would you take, and why?
I would go to Japan! I’ve always wanted to go and I love sushi. I would take a few of my closest mates. 

9.You’re walking down the street, and find a £50 note on the floor. What would you spend it on?
I’d go and fill my fridge with lovely craft beers.


10.   You’ve been told you’ve got to move to a desert island for a year, food and water is provided, but nothing else. And you only have space for three things... what would they be?
A sketchbook, pen & a boat

11.Can you recommend any TV series you’ve been watching lately?
I’ve been watching Rick and Morty which is amazing!


12.So, it’s been three months since the Pocket Typewriter Brand has been working within The Art File. How do you feel its gone? And what can everyone look forward to for the rest of the year?
I think It’s gone amazingly so far, it’s great to see the cards are selling well. It’s been a big change for me but I’ve been made to feel very welcome by The Art File team. There’s lots to look forward to I’m always working on new ideas so hopefully people will see soon.

  Thanks for the insight Jack!