I Like Birds teams up with The Art File

12 September 2017

Today, The Art File is absolutely delighted to announce the licence of the unique and successful ‘I Like Birds’ greeting card collection from Stuart Cox and his team. We were both humbled, and delighted when the company approached us with this exciting opportunity- and couldn’t wait to get the proverbial ball rolling with the project.
Ged Mace, Managing Director of The Art File had this to say about the developments, ‘’We’re hugely excited to be adding the ‘I like birds’ collection to our portfolio. Stuart is a great talent and I was thrilled that he approached us with the idea. His contemporary look sits very well with The Art File brand.’’   


The collection itself will be available to customers from December of 2017, and will be officially launched at Top Drawer London, on 14th January at Olympia, Kensington. A bestselling selection of Stuarts designs will be initially available to customers.
Speaking of Stuart, James- our Sales and Marketing Manager got this comment from him whilst speaking about the upcoming project recently, To start with I had some reservations about handing over the card business to anyone else but, having met Ged, Karen and James at Harrogate it took all of 20 seconds to feel a huge sense of relief that this was exactly the right thing to do and these were the only people we'd have absolute trust in to take this forward. The designs really couldn’t be going to a better home, and The Art File have been incredibly understanding about any misgivings we might have had about handing over a business in which we’ve been so engaged for the past three years. We’ve always tried to be people-first in business and The Art File have been a yardstick of how a modern design-led business should operate: alongside their undoubted business acumen and attention to detail they’ve a personable, encouraging, open and friendly approach, and we’re hugely appreciative to Ged and the team for having such faith in us and in being so welcoming to the fold.

Further information about this exciting project will be coming out to all customers in due course, but until then.. Keep on flying!