Here’s Why The Art File Is Supporting FSC Forest Week

27 September 2022


This week marks Forest Week, an annual event created to highlight the importance of choosing FSC. Here’s what Forest Week is all about and why we’re supporting it.

Every year we lose far more trees than we replace, which impacts people, animals, and the planet. There are just over 3 trillion trees on Earth, but at the current rate of deforestation they will all be gone in the next 3 centuries.

Trees are cut down for several reasons, such as for energy, agriculture, and housing, but much of this deforestation is unsustainable. The Forest Stewardship Council is leading organisation that alleviates this damage – they protect trees by ensuring forests are managed sustainably. 


Who Are The FSC? 

The FSC is a globally recognised organisation that protects forests by ensuring they are sustainably managed. They have already certified over 200 million hectares of forest across the world, 1.5 million of which is in the UK.

They offer four different types of certifications, which are applicable to professionals such as forest managers or organisations that source relevant materials. 

These certifications show that forests are being managed sustainably and that organisations are committed to sustainable sourcing. They also mean that important processes are followed, such as the protection of vital eco-systems and the recognition of indigenous people’s land ownership.


What Is Forest Week?

#ForestWeek was created by the FSC to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable forestry. 

Previously known as FSC Friday, Forest Week is all about choosing FSC, whether you’re an individual buying a product, or an organisation that sources materials like paper or card.

Organisations can play a big part in protecting forests by choosing FSC suppliers and products. And as individuals, we all have the power to make a difference by choosing FSC labelled products. FSC labels can be found on many things like books, cards, tyres, clothes and furniture. 

Choosing FSC as an individual or an organisation is a commitment to protecting people, animals and the planet.   

As the FSC put it: “When you purchase FSC-labelled products, you’re helping forests, and the people that rely on them, thrive. You are supporting zero deforestation, biodiversity preservation, community rights?as well as fair wages and work environment.”


Here’s Why Forest Week Is Important To Us

As a publisher, it’s incredibly important to us to be as sustainable as possible. All the greeting card, gift bag, and gift wrap board that our cards are printed on are from FSC suppliers. 

Over the years we have put a lot of time into innovating our products to be more sustainable and we always want to do more for the environment. We’re really proud of the strides we’ve made in adapting our products so far, such as reducing our use of plastic and improving our recyclable product ranges. 

Forest Week is an important reminder that we can all make a difference to our planet. Whether you’re a business or an individual, we implore you to choose FSC.


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