Eco Revamp of our Pop-Up 3D FORM Card Packaging

28 October 2020

Many of our customers will already stock our FORM card collection, as a firm favourite amongst many. FORM is our collaborative card collection with the talented paper artist-engineer, Elod Beregszaszi. Elod is one of the leading fold designers in the world, and this multi-award winning collection of cards has established itself as a must have collection by retailers across the globe. Each card is proudly manufactured and individually hand-folded in the UK!

As part of our efforts to reduce single use plastic from our packaging wherever possible, we have been working on an environmentally friendly alternative for our FORM Christmas boxes. Not only is our solution kinder to the planet, but excessive packaging is also becoming increasingly unpopular with trade customers and the public. The original FORM Christmas box packaging also takes up a lot of space in store, which feedback has told us can cause problems.

The new packaging consists of a box of 6 cards each with an individual cardboard sleeve. The changes mean that the collection is now 100% recyclable. Free display options are available in order to fully show off the FORM card, in which the card will be displayed open, and protected by acetate. It is advised that this box isn’t sold and is instead used as a display box indefinitely – it will come with a sticker marking its display purpose. We also have purpose-built 24 pocket spinners which show off the cards perfectly. Feedback from customers as to whether our display boxes should come with acetate was split, so customers will receive the box with acetate protecting the display card but will have the option to remove this if they wish.

There are a number of benefits to the new packaging. Firstly, and most importantly, it is much more environmentally friendly option than before, and we are proud to say it will go a long way in reducing The Art File’s single-use plastic. Secondly, it will benefit trade customers by saving space in store. Lastly, it will continue to keep the high-quality hand-folded cards in pristine condition for customers, whilst the single display box will allow the full brilliance of the cards to be visible to customers.

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