Showing news articles for all of October in 2020

  • Eco Revamp of our Pop-Up 3D FORM Card Packaging
    28 October
    As part of our efforts to reduce single use plastic from our packaging wherever possible, we have been working on an environmentally friendly alternative for our FORM Christmas boxes. Read on to find out more.
  • LICENSOR SPOTLIGHT: Heather Flynn | Snap To Grid
    21 October
    Snap To Grid is our popular humour collection from multi-award winning designer, Heather Flynn. The collection effortlessly delivers clean cut, original humour that's bound to make you smile. We have recently launched some brand new Snap To Grid designs..
  • The Art File's Face Coverings - New Designs!
    13 October
    We recently launched a collection of 8 face covering designs featuring some of our most popular patterns. Since then, customer feedback has made it clear there is demand for more designs. Read on to find out what we're cooking up!
  • LICENSOR SPOTLIGHT: Stuart Cox | I Like Birds
    9 October
    It’s safe to say that I Like Birds has been nothing short of a flying success since Stuart first joined forces with The Art File back in 2017. The collection has been a strong favourite with customers from the beginning, and we have since expanded...
  • An Eco Update from The Art File
    1 October
    The Art File has been carefully working towards significantly reducing our single-use plastic. Read on to find out what changes we have made.