The Art File Christmas Card Q&A

Written by: Mica Dunbar



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Christmas is just around the corner and here at The Art File HQ, we’ve really started getting into the festive spirit. To start the Christmas season off right, we’ve asked different members of our team what some of their “Festive Faves” are from the Art File Christmas collections!

What's Your Favourite Range Of Christmas Single Cards?

The Countryside Christmas cards are my favourite because they evoke the natural magic of the beautiful English countryside in Winter. Countryside Christmas is a brand-new design launched this year, and I absolutely love it! With matching cards, gift bags and tissues it makes the perfect Christmas collection! The more you look at it, the more festive furry friends you see! - Kirstianne from the Customer Service Team


I absolutely adore the Nature Trail Christmas cards from Kate Heiss. I love how bold every design is and that it always includes animals and nature. I think these cards are a really refreshing take on the traditional Christmas cards you can often find in shops. - Annabel from The Marketing Team

A selection of Countryside Christmas card cards and gift wrap on a wooden table.

Which Art File Christmas Card Would You Like To Receive?

I would love to receive the Snowtap Christmas card ‘Every Year’. This card features an illustration of a bear falling asleep in a cosy chair. This fun card from Snowtap really gives me that ‘after Christmas dinner’ feeling! - Emily from The Sales Team



There are so many fabulous Christmas cards but if I had to choose then I would love to receive any card from the St.Nicholas Street collection. This collection features cards that are shaped like festive buildings right before Christmas and I think there's something really magical about these designs. - Annabel from The Marketing Team



If I had to pick one Christmas card then it would be from the Bear collection. The ‘Bright Lights’ card reminds me of when I get the Christmas lights out of the box and have to untangle them every year! - Martin from The Operations Team

A selection of St.Nicholas street cards and gift wrap.

Do You Have Any Christmas Traditions And If So, What Do You Do?

My Christmas tradition is to make a “Christmas” wish! My mum always makes a Christmas cake on the lead up to Christmas and as is tradition, when someone stirs the cake mix they make a wish. Even if we can’t get there to physically to do it, mum will stir it for us over video so we can each make a wish. - Kirstianne from The Customer Service Team



Every year my parents create a Christmas Eve box for me and my siblings (and our partners), filled with stocking fillers and fun gifts. My sister was born on Christmas Eve and this tradition began as a way for us all to open presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. To this day there's more excitement about the Christmas Eve box than there is about Christmas Day! - Annabel from The Marketing Team



Growing up my parents and I would always go to the pub before lunch on Christmas day. We'd catch up with friends and family and then go for dinner. I've carried this tradition on and now I always do this on Christmas day. - Martin from The Operations Team


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